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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You Mian with Meat Balls and Egg
This is a stall; Top 1 Home Made Noodle 一级棒好吃面粉粿 that I have been wanting to visit. But because it is out of the way, I have procrastinated until now. Thanks to the government efforts for a “Car-Lite Singapore”, we now have Downtown Line 2 which has a station located next to Beauty World Centre. So convenient! Located at the 4th level of Beauty World Centre is an open air food centre; Beauty World Centre Food Centre.
Top 1 Home Made Noodle 一级棒好吃面粉粿 has been highly raved about and is (known) as one of the must try at Beauty World Centre Food Centre.
As the name of the stall suggests, it specialises in a variety of hand made noodles. Customers can also choose the cooking style and main ingredient. The different varieties are displayed (as shown on the above photo).
You Mian with Meat Balls and Egg
I ordered the You Mian with Meat Balls and Egg. I heard about how long the waiting time could be; 1 hour. But I did not encounter such a waiting time. In fact, the stall owners were free and they cooked my food immediately. I visited on a weekday during lunch hour at 12.30 pm.

The You Mian with Meat Balls and Egg was served with 3 slices of mushroom, 2 meat balls, 1 stalk of green vegetables and topped with ikan bilis and shallots. The portion/serving of ingredients was quite pathetic. Taste wise, it was an ordinary bowl of hand made noodles which was similar to those that you can get commonly elsewhere. The main difference was the bowl of soup which was flavourful, rich and with a hint of sweetness. I polished off the soup and still felt hungry.

I don't think that this is worth queuing 1 hour for. Nevertheless, as I am a great fan of handmade noodles, I would like to try the dry version if I do come back one day.

Top 1 Home Made Noodle 一级棒好吃面粉粿 (Beauty World Centre)
144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd #04-44
Singapore 588177
Tel: 8448 8450
Opening Hour: Thu to Mon 9am - 830pm
                         Closed on Tue and Wed

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