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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sliced Fish Soup $4
Fresh Fish Seafood Soup 鱼三鲜汤  is a fish soup stall tucked away in a quiet corner of Sembwang Hill Food Centre. This stall is well known among those who lives near by or those who lives in the Yishun or Upper Thompson. 
There would always be a perceptual queue at this stall. The queue can easily exceed 10 persons long during peak periods. It can get extremely uncomfortable queuing in this food centre / hawker centre as the ventilation is quite bad. 
This owner of this stall is quite innovative. He uses several equipments to make his work easier. Look at how the chopsticks and particularly the spoons are placed. U-shaped spoone holder!
Also, he has a fried garlic dispenser at the right of the photo. Just 2 quick swipes and the fried garlic condiments would be added to the dish. Next to it, is a coin dispenser gadget. It helps him to dispense the correct coins and ensures that he does not given the wrong change. Next to it is his chopped spring onion dispenser. Furthermore, he uses a plastic finger clip to hold the hold bowls of soup. Interesting! 

Someone should give him an award for being so innovative (and this increases productivity too).
Sliced Fish Soup with rice $4.50
This bowl of Sliced Fish Soup with Rice cost $4.50. The fish soup came with tofu and many pieces of sliced fish. In fact, there was around 10 pieces of sliced fish. Where can you find a stall that gives so many pieces of sliced fish? MoreoverThe sliced fish were thickly sliced and were so fresh and tender! As for the soup, it was clear and lightly flavoured.  So refreshing, if you are someone who hates MSG laden soup and just wants something light and healthy.
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup $4
This photo does not do this bowl of Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup $4 justice. it tasted way better than it look. Around half of the fish slices were hidden underneath.

This stall's fish soup is value for money considering the quality and quantity of fish given. The downside is the hot and humid venue. 

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup 鱼三鲜汤 (Sembwang Hill Food Centre)
#01-36 Sembwang Hills Food Centre
590 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574419 
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 7am to 230pm
                          Closed on Mon

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