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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lemon Tea Ice Cube Drink and House Special Espresso Ice Cube Drink with Chocolate and Milk
Singapore and Malaysia are closely linked to each other in many aspects, even food. Just like how the number of cafes have emerged in Singapore in recent years, the number of cafes in Malaysia and Johor Bahru have also increased. One such cafe with a unique concept is Bev C.
Bev C is located around 15 minutes walk away from the the causeway / City Square. It stands out among the other cafes because of its unique concept and design. It is both a cafe and fashion retail store!
Bev C is uniquely design. From its appearance, it would not be a sweeping statement to say that a tremendous thoughts and effort had been placed into its design. It is suitable photo shoot, be it OOT (Outfit Of the Day), selfie or welfie.
Looks at these pictures.
There is even a cozy corner with a bed! How cool is that!
House Special Espresso Ice Cube Drink with Chocolate and Milk RM 12.90
As for their drinks, they are not only thirst quencher, but also Instagram worthy and unique. Most patrons will come here for their ice cubes drinks which are one of the must tries at this cafe due to its unique concept. The concept is not to use (normal) ice cubes which dilutes the drink. Hence, for this House Special Espresso Ice Cube Drink with Chocolate and Milk RM 12.90, it came with Espresso ice cubes!! Cold milk is then poured into the glass filled with  espresso ice cubes and chocolate.
Lemon Tea Ice Cube Drink RM 12.90
Another popular drink that is enjoy by patrons from all walks of life is the Lemon Tea Ice Cube Drink RM 12.90.
Lemon Tea Ice Cube Drink RM 12.90
Yes, you saw this correctly, there are lemon tea ice cubes. It is so refreshing and perfect for this scorching weather!
White Chocolate Truffle Pie RM 13.90
The White Chocolate Truffle Pie RM 13.90 is one of their best sellers at this cafe. Very forgiving in terms of taste and not overly sweet. The truffle flavour was on the faint end though.

To me, Bev C stands out more as a cafe compared to a clothing retail store. With its unique design and menu, it is bound to attract even more attention from both sides of the causeway although it is located along the same alley with many other cafes. Great place to chill out at! 

Bev C - Cafe & Fashion Retail Store (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)
54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee 
80000 Johor Bahru
Tel: 07 221 3530
Opening Hours: Tue to Thur, Sun 11am - 8pm 
                         Fri to Sat 11am - 10pm 
                         Closed on Monday

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